Empowerment Solutions, LLC builds and enhances relationships that can be “lived into, not up to.” Many people spend their entire lives trying to live up to the standard others have set for them.  As a result, they have lost, not developed, or never knew how to create and live into a standard that they set for themselves.

Living up to other people’s expectations limits a person to mere existence…the absence of hopes and dreams. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to truly LIVE!  A successful life is a balanced life that empowers us to connect with others and maximize our talents and gifts.

At Empowerment Solutions, LLC we:

  1. Assist individuals balance each aspect of their lives – home/family, work/school, career/financial, mental, social, physical, and their ethics/beliefs.
  2. Open the minds and perspective of individuals to become what they never thought or imagined they could be.
  3. Develop the skills to get up, get out, achieve and live to the fullest.

We empower sustainable change in people to improve their personal and professional lives. We achieve our mission through our ABCD Principle:


ABCD Principle