School is a place purposed for life-long learning, growing, and self-discovery of every student. When schools attain their purpose, students are able to practice and apply the skills that have been cultivated today and in the future. Effective and impactful educational climates create opportunities to develop socially and emotionally, as well as, academically. The foundation of these goals is built upon relationship and the collaborative voice of students, parents, teachers, administrators and the community at-large. Everyone has a role in education. Empowerment Solutions, LLC assists schools, students and parents to develop and enhance their awareness and ability to learn from each other, gain an appreciation for one another, and fulfill their purpose in life together.

Available Workshop topics:

  • Parent Training
  • Staff Training
  • Student Training

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Professional Development Workshops:

Creating Impactful Culture and Climate
The Correlation Between Emotional Intelligence, Positive Climate and Effective Leaders
Are Leaders Born or Made?
Empowering Youth
Making Advisor/Advisee Impactful and Sustainable
Mentoring – A Mutually Beneficial Relationship
Mentor Teacher Training
Peer Leadership…Empowering our Future
Harnessing the Power of Diversity
Overcoming Obstacles and Moving Forward Together
Conflict Resolution/Communication
Understanding and Connecting with Boys
Parent Involvement vs. Parent Engagement
The Impact of Poverty on Education
Motivational session – “The Pressure to Be Perfect”
Fatherhood Training – Dad Matters