Empowerment Solutions, LLC recognizes that building healthy relationships is vitally important to attaining successful outcomes.  We lead others to lead themselves by providing the awareness and tools needed to build, nurture,  and leverage mutually beneficial relationships.  Our training sessions and workshops cover five core content areas:

  1. Professional Development
  2. Diversity/Cultural Competence/Values
  3. Conflict Resolution/Communication
  4. Mentor Training
  5. Leadership

Workshops and trainings are customized based on your goals and needs.  All trainings are interactive and can be facilitated in 1 hour, 2 hour, half-day and full-day sessions. 

 Workshop and Training Content Areas:

Professional Development
Everyone should have an understanding of how his or her contributions add to the purpose or cause of the organization. Shared vision and core values yield focused, effective actions and outcomes. We assist organizations to identify and cultivate the attitude and share an awareness of what is important to their operation and to the clients they serve. However, it is not enough to simply be aware of you what you want to accomplish and why. Therefore, we develop the skills to create an interactive, productive and accountable work environment and team that individually and collectively make better choices and fulfill the destiny of the organization as a whole.

Diversity/Cultural Competence/Values
The world is becoming smaller and smaller as technology continues to advance. As our circles of influence grow, it is clear that diversity and cultural awareness incorporate much more than race, age and gender. Unfortunately, our ability to connect with more people instantaneously has not been coupled with the development of communication skills, knowledge of self and cultural competence necessary to effectively interact with others and flourish. We assist participants to gain an awareness and understanding of how their attitude and values affect their behavior, as well as successfully navigate value conflicts in order to make better choices within their relationships with others and reach their destiny.

Conflict Resolution/Communication
Conflict is a normal part of life and does not have to be a negative experience.  When differences of opinion or perspective arise, we must be able to listen and understand in addition to effectively communicate our point of view. Conflict often becomes personal when the parties involved become fixed on their own perception of the issue, misunderstand the true issue, and exaggerate the disagreement because they feel their needs, interests or concerns are being threatened or ignored. We assist participants to gain an awareness of their attitude and response to conflict and understand how their response impacts the behavior of others. Increased awareness and an effective response to your needs and the needs of others creates an atmosphere for open, honest dialogue and better choices. Constructively managed conflict provides an opportunity for everyone involved to learn, grow, and fulfill his or her destiny.

Mentor Training
We know that mentors are critical in today’s society. We have access to a wealth of information but are challenged to effectively process and use it. Mentors assist individuals to implement what they have learned, attain success and fulfill their destiny. Unfortunately, a number of mentors want to give back but do not have the skills, attitude and/or awareness necessary to be supportive while effectively sharing their life experiences, successes, failures, and positive example. We provide mentor candidates with the insight and education to make better choices in order to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship based in trust and committed to growth in a variety of settings – schools, the community, specific groups being served by non-profit organizations and at the work place.

Leadership begins with awareness and attitude accountability. In order to lead, individuals must take responsibility for their own actions and lead themselves before they can lead others. We provide the tools for individuals to be accountable for their own actions and attitudes and the resulting outcomes. When leaders are accountable without blaming others, it creates an atmosphere for the development of better teams. Better teams make better choices that empower the organization, family or community to fulfill its destiny.