Mentoring is a supportive and purposeful relationship that is based in trust that leads to the growth of everyone involved.  WE ASSIST MENTORS TO DEVELOP THE SKILLS THAT MATCH THEIR DESIRE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Mentor Training

We prepare and equip mentors for a variety of mentoring experiences. Additional trainings include:

  • General mentoring – community and site-based mentoring
  • Parent or Guardian/Mentee Orientation – establish structure, roles, and expectations of your mentoring program
  • Mentor Teacher training – experienced teachers mentoring first year teachers
  • I CAN specific training – mentoring and engaging middle school students
  • Advisor/Advisee training – preparing teachers and peer mentors to connect with students
  • Corporate mentoring – developing mutually beneficial, goal-oriented work-based relationships
  • Program specific training – youth, financial, formerly incarcerated, children who have a parent incarcerated, domestic violence, minority male, etc.
  • Mentor Follow-up training – customized follow-up training for experienced mentors
  • Mentor Supervision training – fundamental training for people supervising mentoring programs